“Water Disinfection Operation Technology Training” which is sponsored by Shandong Water Association held in Qingdao


"High Standards Municipal Water Supply Disinfection Technology Training Course" sponsored by Shandong Construction Department and Shandong Water Association and undertook by Qingdao Water Group Co., held in Qingdao from April 22th to 25th of 2014. This training courses were divided into three stages, the stage I mainly supply training for about 100 technical people for operation management from 18 water groups in Shandong Province. This traning lasts for 3 days and includes visiting and final examination.

Advanced water treatment process in Shandong province has just started and achieved good operating results. So it has a huge application space. Most technical people and production management people in water supply plant do not know more about "ozone and activated carbon advanced treatment process", therefore, Guolin General Manager Mr. Zhang Lei was invited to attend and give lessons. Mr. Zhang made a report of " Application of ozone in drinking water advanced treatment” in the meeting, he made a detailed explanation in many aspects, such as properties of ozone, ozone generator and ozone system, ozone+ activated carbon process, introduction of user’s projects and summary of experiences, the difficulty of choices of ozone generators, etc. With total 90 minutes introduction, training students showed great interesting in ozone technology and a number of companies did technical consultation and intention of negotiations with Guolin after meeting.

In April 24th, leaderships from Shandong Construction Department and Shandong Water Association and the trainees visited our industrial production base. They visited the exhibition hall of our ozone technology and the production workshop. They learned detailed information of the ozone equipment manufacturing technology and application and fully affirmed production site management, our advanced production technology and standardized management, as well as firm the confidence of "ozone and activated carbon process" promotion in water supply treatment application of Shandong Province.